“Motion to declare Pizza Hawaii a violation of human rights”

Honestly, if UN delegates at a “Model United Nations” – conference are drawn so much into their roles and the official procedures that they even make formal motions during lunch break (debating on proper pizza toppings, in English!), the major educational goal of such a simulation game has been achieved.

On Saturday, July 2nd, eight members of our course “Model United Nations” assembled with students from the Oskar-von-Miller-Gymnasium (Munich) and the Carl-von-Linde-Gymnasium (Kempten) at the Münchner Haus der SchülerInnen to simulate a United Nations conference. The topic on our agenda was water shortage in the Sub-Saharan region. While the delegate of the United States sent out prayers to the affected countries in his opening speech, Russia demanded all members of the committee to refrain from any allusions to the current “crisis” with Ukraine. Thanks to our professional chairs the two opponents did not have to “take it outside” – which had been feared by some prior to the conference.

The delegates of Burkina Faso – authentically represented by members of our Burkina Faso Course – formed a strong alliance with the delegations of South Africa, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates and Italy to face the impulsive and dominant delegate from across the Atlantic Ocean. In the end, unrealistically large funds had been created to support the countries of the Sahel-Zone with projects on innovative water purification methods, to just name one. 

Despite all disagreements throughout the debate, at the end of the day true personal alliances had been formed with the students from the other schools. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in November! All fingers are crossed that the circumstances will be allowing a meeting then (and that pineapple pieces will still be allowed on pizza).

Thank you to the Münchner Haus der SchülerInnen for providing their great venue for our project!

Sarah Teubel + Wahlkurs “MUN”